7 Best Digital Illustration Trends In 2022

This 2022, the demand for visually appealing digital art is still increasing, whether it is for business or personal use. Thus, it proves the boost in the popularity of illustrations. Besides, designing artistic illustrations is becoming simpler thanks to the advancement of tools.  

If you have a small business and want to stand out from the competition, you must stay updated with the latest trends. This blog will help you discover the 7 best digital illustration trends that we may be seeing in 2022.  

1. 3D

When you think of animation and games, 3D illustration has always been connected. Moreover, 3D illustration also provides brands with creative freedom in showcasing their goods or services. So, this design trend is expected to still shine in 2022.   

Recently, it has also become a major trend in a variety of other top industries. For example, Facebook increasingly uses 3D characters in their marketing efforts.   

2. Geometric

You must have seen several geometric designs from posters, logos, and more. The prominent application of geometric shapes and patterns is among the most popular trends in graphic design. This technique will also be represented as a trend in illustration design.   

Geometric illustrations are famous because they are simple to make and handle. They are commonly used for websites, social media posts, and even package designs. They give the brand a modern appearance and vibe.  

Designers can maximize their creativity by playing with various sizes, colors, and forms of geometric shapes. There could be patterns to follow to give the illustration a more harmonious look. This way will provide an organized design with a sense of symmetry.   

3. Minimalism

Do you prefer minimalist designs? Well, expect a climbing number of illustrations that use minimalism. See basic lines, subdued or neutral hues, and clean textures this year.  

Minimalism is a design trend that has spread across the field. It is a highly desirable style in graphics, websites, and even illustration design. Less can be more to achieve a sleek design when it comes to illustrations.   

Have you heard of incomplete illustration? This style will emerge from minimalist digital art. For example, designers create faces with only eyes and noses, bodies without faces, and other art pieces that combine minimalism with surrealism.  

4. Hand-Drawn

Hand-drawn art is extremely personal and one-of-a-kind. This art technique gives illustrations a feeling of warmth and comfort. If you aim for your brand to be in the spotlight and be distinguished from the competition, why not utilize this trend?   

Many brands welcome this opportunity to reintroduce a personal touch to their communications, products, and services. Websites, advertising, package design, and smartphone apps are among the things that feature them.   

This year, we will see more hand-drawn or digitally produced resembling traditional materials in illustrations.  

5. Lettering

Letters have become progressively prevalent in the design field, and they will be around for a long time. You can find modern-day letterings in logos, posters, invitation cards, and even in advertisements.   

Some artists take it further and blend their letters with illustrations to create one-of-a-kind works of art. In this case, a simple illustration style that does not draw all of the emphasis away from the lettering works incredibly well.   

In 2022, we may witness more combinations of lettering and illustration.  

6. Collage

A combination of multiple design forms, also known as collage, is another trend causing a buzz in the graphic design industry. This trend allows designers to have more flexibility and freedom for their art and encourages them to combine graphics with images or typographies.  

For example, images and typography come as a pairing or graphics, and bold gradients are utilized. More collage ideas include real photos mixed with drawn illustrations, plus some texts running around them.   

Such designs are most commonly employed in social media posts and other digital art forms. This is because collage can capture the attention of the audience. Also, this technique is simple to implement, though designers must be careful because the blend might seem ragged if not done properly.  

7. Bold and Vibrant Colors

Colors are a vital element of any illustration. Using the ideal colors is a clever strategy to make the design pop out. Bold and vibrant colors may assist you in having an eye-catching design that will catch the viewer’s interest.   

Diverse colors elicit different reactions from the audience. The aim is to determine which emotion best represents the message you’re attempting to express and then utilize colors to portray that feeling.   

Designers will utilize vivid and striking colors in their illustrations. In 2022, we’ll see the application of bright and vibrant colors for select portions of illustrations to emphasize their features.  

The Bottom Line

We’ve covered the most noteworthy and latest trends in illustration in this article. This 2022, we believe that the artistic styles will motivate you to produce even more remarkable digital illustrations.   

Which illustration trend is your favorite or the one that might help you improve your designs? Share your answers, thoughts, and suggestions in the comment section below. 

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