3 Best Graphic Design Software To Consider

The greatest graphic design software offers both professional and amateur designers a wide range of creative options. The best graphic design software is a need for professionals who work in the field since it gives them the ability to produce a variety of outputs for clients quickly. But exploring with such potent creative tools for one’s own unique work may also be quite rewarding for amateurs or people who occasionally work in the design industry.

Adobe Illustrator

For a good reason, we think it still provides the most robust selection of tools and functionality for vector editing. It is still the industry standard software.

Illustrator lets you to design everything from graphics to logos with complete creative freedom while having a ton of tools and shortcuts to help speed up your workflow. It is compatible with PC, Mac, and even iPads. 

A subscription is required to use Illustrator, which is a component of Adobe Creative Cloud. You can choose to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud as a whole or only to Illustrator. The benefit of the subscription model is that you always receive the most recent software updates. The drawback is that it’s very expensive, though Adobe frequently offers discounts and offers a student discount.

Affinity Designer

If you think Adobe’s subscription pricing is a bit excessive, Serif’s Affinity Designer is a highly capable substitute. Affinity Designer is the best graphic design software you can buy for a one-time fee, and as it continues to add capabilities, it is almost on par with Illustrator in popularity. In fact, it provides various tools not found in Illustrator, such as unlimited redos and a zoom of more than one million percent.

If coworkers or clients use Adobe products, you don’t have to worry about compatibility because Affinity Designer supports both Illustrator AI and Photoshop PSD files. Affinity Designer probably runs quicker than Adobe Illustrator as well.


If you work on a Mac, then Sketch may be a good option if you’re seeking for the best graphic design software primarily for UI design, prototyping, and/or producing icons.

While it lacks the in-depth functionality of programs like Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer, Sketch is easier to use if you only need it for UI design. It has a simple interface that makes it simple to get started, but a large library of plugins gives it access to a variety of functions if you need them.

In 2021, the program underwent a significant update that included new features aimed at enhancing collaboration.

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