Top 10 Professional Wrestlers to look out for in 2022

2021 is perfect for the phrase “what a good time to be a wrestling fan.” Due to the dramatic trades and contract signing, the debuts of returning wrestlers, and the constant spontaneous appearance of contracted wrestlers to other promotions.

Nick Gage

The torchbearer of deathmatch wrestling and innovated the art of it due to his mistakes. He’s held the GCW title Multiple times and died for seven minutes due to bleeding in-ring in the perfectly named CZW Tournament of Death. The Dark Side of the ring documented a comprehensive summary of Gage’s brutal deathmatch experiences in an episode entitled, The Ultra-Violence of Nick Gage.

Gage will have more appearances, including a match with the Pancrase MMA legend Minoru Suzuki in Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport on October 23, 2021. He’s booked in other weekly wrestling programs soon until the end of 2021. Catch him weekly in GCW events.

Jungle Boy

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry is one handsome young man who looks trained enough and can go as swift as The Young Bucks and Lucha Brothers without sacrificing his technical mat skills. He is the son of the late matinee idol Luke Perry from Beverly Hills 90210.

He’s had a career highlight in AEW as the only wrestler scoring 50 wins throughout the company’s first show. In addition, he’s had fantastic matches with Kenny Omega, MJF, Sammy Guevara, and Jon Moxley.


Danhausen is the friendliest scary guy in the professional wrestling industry. He is an avid toy collector and a fantastic curator of pop culture. His Youtube channel is filled with tidbits of information about popular culture. From MCU and DCEU and its comic counterparts to The Simpsons and other obscure classic horror films.

Danhausen took his makeup from the exorcist’s Pazuzu. The demon who possessed Linda Blair. Danhausen calls CM Punk “Pepsi Man” because of his Pepsi tattoo, and he uses weird nicknames for other famous wrestlers like Rock The Dwayne Johnson, Vincent “Triple H” Mcmahon,” and Cold Steve Austin. Lastly, CM Punk allowed him to use his iconic finisher “GTS,” which he calls the “Goodnighthausen.”

Orange Cassidy

Admittedly, most of the DesignerPile crew are Orange Cassidy fans, and it looks like Orange Cassidy has a universal appeal outside professional wrestling, just like Danhausen does. He has been the top merch-seller since AEW started up until CM Punk’s debut. In addition, Cassidy has beaten Chris Jericho in two separate matches.

It is just the start for the illustrious ongoing career of this generation’s John Cena. Orange is famous for his denim outfit, iconic Ray-Ban Aviators, and disinterest in wrestling. Orange Cassidy is one of the few, probably the only professional wrestler with Ray-Ban endorsement and signature sunglasses.

Before signing with AEW, Orange Cassidy was active in the independent wrestling circuit, especially in Chikara, where he wore a masked Luchador gimmick named “Fire Ant” from the ant-based faction, “The Colony.”

The main reason that Orange Cassidy has appeal is his composite gimmick from Ryan Gosling’s Driver character, but he digs more than that. Orange Cassidy pretends he is a slouch and is constantly tired and annoyed at everything. But the former Luchador immediately steals the show once he catches his opponents off guard. Cassidy postures himself as a disinterested wrestler, and most of his opponents shrug him off because of it. But that’s why he wins.

Lulu Pencil

Lulu Pencil’s Underdog story in ChocoPro is one of the hottest stories in the “Joshi” or female division of Japanese professional wrestling.

During this story arc, Chris Brookes, the DDT ProWrestling Heavyweight Champion bullying and feuded with her and landed her first victory to Chris Brookes himself.

Gatohmove-Chocopro is DDT’s developmental brand, and this is where Lulu Pencil debuted in 2021. Lulu Pencil’s character is constantly enthusiastic and leads Emi Sakura and Chris Brookes to join the Pencil Army.

In Chocopro, Baliyan Akki announced that she was leaving to tour the US with Emi Sakura. For now, Lulu Pencil is currently touring with AEW as Emi Sakura’s valet.

Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill had a phenomenal debut in AEW in late 2020, and as a rookie, she became an integral part of the women’s division. Cargill will be a trailblazer, and her previous feud with Red Velvet and former women’s world champions Nyla Rose and Thunder Rosa proves it. She’s booked in the inaugural TBS championship.

In addition, she has the Brock Lesnar-like energy in 2003 in her debut in 2020. So not only is Cargill fit, but she has good looks as well.

Adam Cole (Bay Bay)

Adam Cole is a charismatic wrestler that has gone way back from AEW co-founders The Elite. He is good friends with Hangman Page, Kenny Omega, Cody, and the Young Bucks. They also were former members of the iconic Japanese faction, the Bullet Club.

During the prior formation of AEW, Adam Cole had contractual obligations with WWE’s third brand, NXT. He led a Faction called Undisputed Era alongside Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish (FKA Redragon in the independents), and Roderick Strong. This faction won all the major NXT titles during his tenure and slowly disintegrated during the pandemic.

The Undisputed Era helped revive the recreation of the late Dusty Rhodes’ Wargames and headlined the first four Wargames until he left on the second half of 2021.

Hangman Page

The year of Omega was last year, and this is Hangman’s year. AEW would be blind not to follow up to Hangman and Kenny’s colorful and long-term storytelling. Hangman Page was one of Ring of Honor’s breakthrough stars in 2018, one year before signing in AEW. CM Punk If you ask many current wrestling fans, there is one person they will be most familiar with. But, of course, it is CM Punk and the notoriety of his tenure in WWE and Ring of Honor. In 2021, he announced to return to in-ring action and signed to AEW. He started wrestling all the young talent in AEW, and it won’t be too soon that he will branch out with the help of Tony khan towards other co-collaborating pro wrestling companies. With all of the Indy darlings and former WWE wrestlers that the company signed in their first year. It will not be a question of if, but when will these new and veteran TV stars visit other promotions and open the “forbidden door?” Bryan Danielson The American Dragon Bryan Danielson, formerly known as Daniel Bryan in WWE, loved the company. However, he felt that CEO Vince Mcmahon cared for him too much that he was afraid to take risks. He stated that he wanted to visit New Japan Pro Wrestling in interviews, and WWE allowed that. The fans were in shock at the quadruple debut in AEW’s All Out PPV where Minoru Suzuki, Ruby Soho, Adam Cole, and Danielson debuted on the event. However, Danielson’s excitement in AEW is different, the former WWE superstar felt nervous again, and everything is relatively new to him. He wants to fight Zack Sabre Jr (currently a signee of NJPW) by the use of Tony Khan’s influence, because he wants to retain the Bryan Danielson award of PWI, which ZSJ won 7 consecutive times after leaving the Independent circuit.

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