Top 8 Most Scented Flowers for Home

Surely, everyone loves to have a peaceful, clean, and of course, a good-smelling home. That’s why many of us spend money on home perfumes like those diffusers and scented candles which are somehow expensive, especially for minimum wage earners.

However, did you know that you can have that well-scented home without pulling out money from your pocket? You only need to go to your garden and pick the right flower for your smell preference.

Below, I have listed my top 10 favorites which can bring the wonderful scent of nature to your humble home.

1. Gardenia

Of course, first on the list is this famous white flower with glossy dark green leaves. This flower is known for having a scent that is torrid, earthy, and intoxicating to the point that it will captivate your soul. Most florists also said that it produces more fragrance in the evening since moths are the ones that usually pollinate it.

2. Jasmine
Next on the list is this pinkish white bloom with long bracts that you usually see at country weddings. This flower is also a top pick because it has a combination of sweet, velvety, rich, and sexy fragrances that would surely bring your mood to heaven.

3. Lavender

This tiny violet flower is a very popular ingredient in most commercial perfumes and other scented products. Lavenders are known for having a sweet, herbal, and calming scent that can even make you fall asleep and alleviate your anxiety.

4. Rose

If you love classical scents, then rose is the perfect choice for you. Roses have a wide range of scents that can be either sweet, fruity, musky, or sexy depending upon their type.

5. Lily

This flower is characterized by its flamboyant petals. They smell sweet and creamy when they open and change to a spicy scent at full bloom. However, some people argue that it smells unpleasant in full bloom.

6. Peony

This is a bloom-type flower characterized by its broad petals. Peony lovers like its fresh and crisp smell which can make you intoxicated in a good way. Moreover, other types of peony produce a citrusy aroma which is good for those who love a sourish sweet smell.

7. Hyacinths

Love lavender but feel like it has a too strong herbal scent? Then, these cute bell-shaped and densely-packed florets are the right ones for you. Hyacinths smell sweet, ethereal, and less herbal than lavender which is perfect for those who are looking for

8. Tuberose

This flower is one of the best minimalist-looking flowers which is perfect for those who love minimalism. However, you should not underestimate the fragrance it can produce. Because it can give you a rich, creamy, summery, and tropical smell. This is also a great choice for those who do not like a too-sweet fragrance.

So now, what are you waiting for? Go in your garden and experience the natural scent at your home for free!

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