5 of the Best Nintendo Switch Games in 2021

Nintendo Switch had an enormous year despite the rapid increase of sales of Xbox X and PS5 consoles. It is still the best portable gaming console on the planet and there is no sign of pulling a break lever from Nintendo as we’ll get Breath of the Wild 2 next year. Here’s the best games on Switch this year.


Hades is a Diablo/Zelda Revival Action/Adventure game in the vein of Greek Mythology. The story follows Zagreus, Hades’ son, who investigates why her mother Persephone left the underworld. Zagreus is introduced to many Greek Gods and integral heroes and villains as they try to stop Zagreus from fleeing the underworld and seeing her mother. You get cameos from heroes and old. Disney characters you were familiar with when you were a kid. However, there is a closer to myth portrayal of characters.

Metroid Dread

Everyone’s favorite Nintendo girl is back after 19 years. Metroid has been revolutionizing the platform shooter genre into its unique niche. The coined term for Castlevania and Metroid’s genre is “Metroidvania” these are adventure/platformer games with RPG elements injected into them. Now we can enjoy Nintendo’s contender for game of the year that is not Breath of the Wild. This new addition to the franchise will be a treat for the old fans of the beautiful but deadly Samus Aran and her space adventures.

Monster Hunter: Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is a Sengoku period version of the Monster Hunter franchise. It is a retextured version of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. However, Capcom tweaked the remake enough to make you feel like you are a shinobi from Naruto.

Is that a bad thing? No. There are new quests, maps, outfits, and even skills to learn from, and the game is fast-paced than the 2017 DS version.

It can appeal to Ninja-loving Monster Hunter fans and MHW fans so that they can get a fix when they’re tired of MHW: Iceborne. It also has online play, and you get to be a Ninja who slays monsters in the Monster Hunter world. What’s not to like?

Disgaea 6

This game is your pick if you are a person who loves tactics on their RPG games. Strategic Turn-Based RPG has been a unique gaming system of RPGs that involves a little bit of decision-making on how you tweak your party. Disgaea 6 is one of the best strategic RPG franchises out there. Compared to Fire Emblem, Disgaea is more comedic and youthful because of the animation style and how they deliver the storyline. Fire Emblem is popular to get that medieval Final Fantasy Tactics feel. That is what sets Disgaea apart from the herd of militant and war-adjacent Tactical RPG games.

It has numerous Downloadable Content if you have a season pass. If you’re a Vtube fan, then lucky for you. Hololive has co-collaborated with Nippon-Ichi to let you play their Japanese region Vtubers.

Shin Megami Tensei V

Shin Megami Tensei V is the much-awaited sequel to the iconic dark fantasy RPG franchise. Manifest your enemy monsters to protect the planet from armageddon. Its more popular spinoff, Persona, is selling multiple quantities of merchandise thanks to the anime series. However, if you enjoy Persona, it is highly suggested to check the SMT series for a bigger perspective on how the world-building factor works on both series.

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