8 Colorful Movies that will Drive You to Create Art

Art is subjective, and it does not feed pockets. But if you want a good time and help you delve into different media and other art forms, what great help would it be if movies could do that for you. Therefore, Designer Pile has curated a list of films with different art styles from different art forms to help you be inspired by Art.

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta is initially one of Alan Moore’s creations. If you ask the blog what Moore’s best work is, it will be this film or Watchmen. Regardless, Alan Moore rules. Unfortunately, Moore never wanted any ownership of his work after publishing the novel. Hence, the Wachowskis made the transition of this stark, fiery, and bloody film. Natalie Portman plays the lead role of Evey Hammond, and Hugo Weaving of the Matrix fame plays the eccentric character called V.

Fight Club

If there is an iconic violent film in the 90s, it would be this film. Chuck Palahniuk and his rustic, gruesome, and filthy is one of the best films and novels of all time.

The movie stars an ensemble of iconic actors and actresses like Helena Bonham Carter, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Meatloaf, and a young Jared Leto.


This is the movie where Disney went full-experimental. If masterpieces like Aladdin or Lion King had to make it to the box office, this Disney flick is in the underbelly of every aspiring artist or filmmaker because of Disney’s openness to visual variety and dark themes.


Soul is one of Jamie Foxx’s best works as a singer and a voice actor. This film is Pixar’s hottest film to date. Why? Because it is driven by Jazz music, the warm and cozy feeling of cities like New York, Memphis, New Orleans, and Minnesota. Soul is an emotionally jarring, artistically captivating, and realistic story about life, love, and death.

Realistic in the sense that it punches you right in your chest. The film asks the viewer what do we live for? That is completely rhetorical, and you need to answer that for yourself.


This film is A slow-paced action and drama film. But when it hits into second gear, the pacing turns intentionally fast and hard. The lazy movie turns into an emotional and violent rollercoaster once it picks up its pace. Some critics consider it “neo-noir,” which features an amazing post-punk soundtrack and bizarrely colorful cinematography. But honestly, Drive is one of the best modern-day classics out there. It is so influential that AEW wrestler Orange Cassidy based Ryan Gosling’s outfit in his gimmick, and to be fair, he does look like Ryan Gosling sometimes.

5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters is not Makoto Shinkai’s best, but this is Makoto Shinkai’s sixth man of his fantastic catalog of animated films. Which includes Your Name, Weathering With You, and Children Who Chase Lost Voices among the few. The film is separated in three parts. Just don’t let me explain them because I’d remember how this film hurts. Again.

The Matrix

The Matrix is a cyberpunk classic that inspired a whole counterculture of latex-wearing people. Besides the joke, the Matrix is truly a revolutionary film from the Wachowskis. It is a sci-fi classic that revolutionized computer-based graphics, stunt creation, and 3D graphics. The film had probably a million parodies and tributes online by now. Also, Keanu Reeves is there. Breathtaking.


Ponyo is one of Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpieces. The blog chose this instead of iconic titles like Spirited Away, Nausicaa, and Howl’s Moving Castle because of Miyazaki’s approach to making every scene magical.

Miyazaki never pulled any weak punches. This film brags immense levels of passionately-drawn imagery, from the tall and disastrous flood scenes based on Tsunami waves, the intricate food illustrations, and Liam Neeson’s magical portrayal as the mystical scientist/sorcerer Fujimoto. Ponyo is the most childish and youthful Hayao Miyazaki has been, showcasing the eccentric animator on his best day.

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