10 most Iconic Logos in Pop Music

David Bowie – Alladin Sane

There is a reason why every pop artist has donned a thunderbolt theme somewhere. Lady Gaga did it, Metallica did it, ACDC did it, it’s this metahuman or demigod’s fault. His name is David Bowie, and you might know him because Nirvana did a cover song of one of his songs. There is a reason why every boomer loves David Bowie. He gained his Lisztomania and mass appeal from the former generation. Behind David Bowie’s unique flair are a talented musician and an androgynous brand and image. An image too appealing, that he looked beautiful for everyone regardless of gender and sexual preference. One of the biggest fans of David Bowie is Neil Gaiman. Gaiman is a prolific author and a huge Bowie fanboy. He made the likeness of Lucifer, one of the Anti-Heroes of his masterpiece, The Sandman, to David Bowie. In addition, he and Yoshitaka Amano, Final Fantasy’s lead art director, created a short story fanfiction as tribute for the artist.

Prince – Purple Rain, The artist formerly known as…, The Love Symbol.

Purple Rain is one of the most iconic songs ever recorded. Prince is as talented and controversial if more than the prince of Pop, Michael Jackson. Prince was always an icon full of controversy. The biggest is the posthumous ownership dispute drama from her only sibling, who inherited his property against his half-siblings and co-collaborators. There are many people claiming ownership off of Prince’s estate. A couple of his alleged half-siblings and co-collaborators are claiming ownership of Prince’s material.

The Velvet Underground & Nico – Andy Warhol

The legend goes that The Velvet Underground that only 30,000 people bought their first record. Everyone who bought that record made a band after that. Andy Warhol was responsible for the art direction and merchandise for the band. He is also responsible for introducing their new singer, Nico.

The Misfits

The Misfits is the band that everyone remembers every Halloween. This is before Mariah Carey dominates all the streams after November 2. This is the iconic band from New Jersey who shaped 00s music because of their horror-themed and macabre gimmick. Of course, everyone wants skull and bones to look spooky, but Misfits made it their lifestyle since they formed in 1973, and since then, you can see their iconic fiend logo anywhere.

My Chemical Romance

As the fans call them, MCR was known for its prolific and eccentric approach to Rock music. Since their first full length, they made rock operas, with The Black Parade and Danger Days as complete representations of their work. The band was one of the first bands who donned the Misfits tribute band gimmick. However, MCR put themselves on the map for their dedicated storytelling and unique goth, glam, punk, indie, and heavy metal fusion. The Casino Shop podcast/YouTube channel coined them as “the last Rock Band.” The brothers Gerard and Mikey Way are enjoying fatherhood and temporary retirement from the band as they disbanded. However, they have kept on telling stories on DC Comics’ Young Animal brand as writers and illustrators. In addition, the brothers have published graphic novels like Umbrella Academy, Collapser, and Doom Patrol, among many others.


Slayer is not the first rock band to play extreme, distorted, and fast rhythms. That would be Motorhead or Frank Zappa. But, it would be a disservice to them not to claim that every metal band who came after Slayer ripped off their logo. Their newer and bolder take on themes of Horror, Taboo, and Satanism were so impactful that every metal band that came after them were made fun of as a rip off. The funny part is, The lead singer is Roman Catholic and they use their dark image as a gimmick.

Converge – Jane Doe

You may know Converge as that band that thousands of Filipinos mistakenly ravaged against in social media. All thanks to the Internet provider with the same name. Yet, Converge is well-known for its intense musicality, and its most recognizable release is the iconic Jane Doe, where the record’s centerpiece became the band’s de-facto logo.


The Australian band, “AkkaDakka,” or as Australians call them, is one of the most iconic rock bands. With their singer Bon Scott’s early passing and their rotation of iconic singers, their catchy hooks and the Young brothers’ Angus and Malcolm’s guitar chemistry is unmatched.


What else does anyone can talk about Nirvana? Buzz Osbourne and David Grohl’s friend died. Sad. Furthermore, their logo reached that level of popularity like Black Sabbath’s ripped-off Beatles Rubber Soul logo, Metallica’s logo, and The Ramones logo. They are in the phenomenon where everyone has mistaken their logo for a T-Shirt Brand. Nirvana’s most impactful legacy is their eye-opening truth about mental health issues and that they have smeared on their lyricism and musical themes.


KISS has one of the most controversial logos and bands ever. One thing that sets it apart from other Chrome, Red, cool band logos is that their “SS” looked like the Nazi “SS.” which is ironic because half of the KISS members are Jews.

Black Flag – The Flag/Four bars logo

Black Flag is the band with the most simplistic but recognizable icon ever. Former bassist and iconic Californian visual artist Raymond Pettibon designed the logo. Every poster, record cover, and t-shirt design that the band released were all Ray’s designs. Of course, with the exemption of their previous release, “What The.” SST Records chairman, and Black Flag co-founder and Pettibon’s half-brother Greg Ginn, sued former members Pettibon, Former lead singers Keith Morris, and Henry Rollins, among others, for overusing their rights because of their involvement in the band.


Screw the Sex Pistols and The Smiths. Queen is the edgiest British band of all time. These guys had England’s coat of arms as a logo and named themselves after the Queen herself. Unfortunately, a gay man has the gall to call his band Queen and gets away with it. If that does not scream LAWSUIT, I don’t know what is. Also, Brian May is every guitar hero’s guitar hero.

Black Sabbath – The Witch

No one knows who was the girl on their Self-titled debut album.

Van Halen, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest

Their logos are chrome, red, and cool, just like KISS. It’s like Colossus and Omega Red from X Men designed it.

The Rolling Stones – The Tongue and Lip

A legend says that every time you smoke a cigarette, you lose 8 seconds of life, and Keith Richards gains 8 seconds back.

Bring Me the Horizon – Sempiternal logo

Their logo is too good that Coldplay ripped off their design. Also, all the boys look handsome, and they never lose sight of the business and Starpower mindset.


Has eclectic style choices, but can only be second to Slayer’s uniqueness and artistic style. Most fans consider Metallica as “the biggest Heavy Metal band in the world.” They had a lawsuit with file sharing platform Napster, owned by Sean Parker, also former Facebook Adviser in the 00s.

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